Anonymous just sayin: me & my boyfriend have been together 2 years. I'm 20 and he is 21! i want a baby, but he tells me we are too young. idk what to do. he is the one that i want to have babies with! and he feels the same way, but how can i get on the topic of babies without him saying can we talk about something else.

Honestly you can’t force someone to have a child when they aren’t ready yet. Having one is such a life changing event that it should be something you both want together at the same time! You’ve been together two years, clearly he isn’t going anywhere, you have plenty of time for that. If you keep bringing it up, just let him be open to it and have his own opinion, but don’t try and force it on day I’m sure you guys will have tons of babies together (: Maybe try asking how far down the road he sees that happening?

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